About our company

Greetings from Educoplus Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd!

Educoplus Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd is a registered company under the companies act 2013 (18 of 2013), registered under MSME (UAM No. DL10D0011877) and is committed to providing efficient and effective solutions to empower learners and educators throughout India.

Our service/product has the potential to benefit students and influence their academic performance and confidence level. We aim to put forth the opportunity for students to nurture & develop their learning, personality and self-management skills. Major domains that define our services are - Assessment / Counseling & Guidance / Mentoring and Skill Training.

At Educo we believe that life itself means success if we are suffering or not feel contented then that is all due to two reasons:
Either we don’t understand our (our child’s) potential infusion & unique capabilities
Or if we understand our potential infusion then there are some missing links in our action & attitude (not as per our infusion)

Life in the modern 21st century has become fast and things are changing/developing rapidly, so should be the way we teach our school students, in this regards we have developed a unique learning/skill training that is based on ancient wisdom and modern technology. Mentioned below is the modules and our product/services for student empowerment:

A. Knowthyself Potential Analysis:
Is a 4-dimensional approach to discover the potential, unique capabilities and the missing link at physical, intellectual or emotional level. This program executed under the expert guidance of mentors/counsellors, carried out in a combination of offline and online modes with the help of workbook suggestion guides, breathe-body balancing, psychological tools and web-based application.

B. The Junior Scientist:
The Baal Vaigyanik - The Junior Scientist is a science learning and thinking mind development training program for the school students, it is a most preferred platform for student-powered scientific research and practical application. These researches are made possible by hundreds of thousands of students of various ages, school and locations who get a common platform to implement the scientific ideas germinating in their mind. This is achieved through various SMART learning techniques, AI / Robotics training, Practical Model based learning and carrying out scientific research projects & reporting.

C. The Junior Writer:
Re-Cast - The Junior Writer is a program for school students of all ages, meant to develop verbal, non-verbal and written communication of those students who possess the seed of linguistic intelligence. A child gets hands-on experience to learn and apply their linguistic skills and this will help them to become a great writer, author or communicator in future. It is executed in fun based practical activity approach and these activities are carried out in both online and offline mode.

Best Regards,
Shivay Sanjeev
Founder, Director